Thanks to technology, there are many different avenues that you can pursue if you find yourself laid off from your job at the heat shrink sleeves factory. However, if it's been a while since you last had to look for a job, you may not no where to begin. You might be tempted to go back to your old standby of cold calling when you're looking for job leads. In many cases, that may not actually be such a bad idea, especially if the new avenues provided by technology haven't borne fruit.

So what is cold calling, anyway? For those of you born into the computer age, cold calling is when you telephone a Mississauga limousine service and ask if they have any positions open as a way of tracking down job leads. It is often used as a last resort when there don't seem to be many jobs advertised and handing out resumes to local businesses hasn't yielded anything. Just make sure you don't cold call the company you just dropped a resume at.

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You might assume that cold calling is obsolete, since most people these days prefer to use the internet for their job searches, but you'd be wrong. The reality of the situation is that while most mortgage brokers in Canada will have adapted to the digital age and created a web presence, there are some who are owned by older people or people who are not good with technology who may be completely cut off from the internet. You'll never find out about their openings unless you call them or read a printed newspaper.

If you've never cold called anyone before, the important thing to remember is not to expect great success right away. Cold calling is a last resort, so you can't expect to turn up more than a handful of job leads this way. Ideally you will have something to fall back on, such as the dividends from your seasonal investing or employment insurance to sustain you until you can dig something up.

When you cold call businesses, make sure to ask for the manager or owner rather than simply making your request to whichever employee answers the phone. They will likely not know anything. If there are no positions open, ask about future positions and whether they would consider keeping your resume on file. If you are not qualified for the open position, find out that sort of Revit Training you would need to do to qualify.

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